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Glitch Happens™

AI-driven insights to reduce risk and improve in-market product quality.

As products become more interconnected and technologies more complex, it will be increasingly critical that companies know how to pinpoint product issues long before they become costly, serious, widespread recalls.

Our AI-driven, patent pending solution finds patterns associated with the issues your customers are experiencing and we wrap a number of data points around each issue to find richer insights than any one manufacturer or insurance company can find on its own.

More complexity

Everything we use seems to have more complexity, more interconnected parts and systems.  Unfortunately, more complexity means more chances for failure.  Like links in a chain, one weak link and the chain is easily broken.

Safety Critical Software


Product recalls are increasing year over year.  That presents a problem both to companies issuing recalls and to customers who, at best, lose faith in the product and, at worst, are injured.

Many of the recalled products have software flaws, and these can be mysterious and difficult to find and fix.  We offer companies a better way to monitor whether their products are “behaving well” or not.

Software Flaws in Medical Devices

Not long ago, only 1 out of 20 medical device recalls were due to faulty software.  Today, that number is 1 in 4 — yes, 25% of all medical device recalls are due to faulty software!

In 2017, nearly 500,000 pacemakers were recalled in the U.S. because of flawed software.  It’s true that good software has done a lot of good in the medical field, but sloppy software can hurt and even kill people.

Our Leadership Team

Siamak Ghofranian

Board Member

Siamak is a Boeing Technical Fellow, a member of the NASA Engineering Safety Center loads & dynamics committee, a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  He brings his predictive modelling and testing expertise to the team.

Patricia Herdman

CEO & Founder

Patricia is an international test expert who has helped companies improve product quality for decades in both Europe and North America.  She developed Customer Experience and Enterprise Integration Test methodologies used by some of the world’s most technologically complex organisations.  

Evelyn Wainewright

Board Member

Evelyn is a Data Scientist, a 2010 W. Garfield Weston Loran Scholar, and holds and MSc. in Mathematics with published research in Quantum Cryptography.  She has worked at a fintech startup on AI / deep Learning techniques for big data in the finance / lending space.  Evelyn is currently working at a crypto currency exchange in Toronto.

Xerxes Wania


Xerxes is a serial entrepreneur with experience in marketing, sales, and engineering in the semiconductor industry.  He has built technology startups and raised over $25M in funding.  Recently, he was the CEO of Sidense, acquired by Synopsys (Nasdaq:  SNPS).  Xerxes serves on Boards of profit and non-profit organisations.   

Andy Prozes


Andy is the former CEO of Lexis Nexis and is an experienced businessman with a track record of helping both small and large organisations generate above-maret returns.  He has extensive experience in information technology and services and currently serves on the boards of directors of several companies.

Clint Sieunarine

Chief Data Scientist

Clint has a PhD from the University of Oxford in Secure Data Management as is the Co-Founder and former CTO of Hockeystick, a fintech startup in Toronto.  He has a broad range of experience, from agile and embedded development at Texas Instruments to AI and robotic design at the MIT Media Laboratory.  

Mark Jones

Chief Product Officer

Mark, through his tenure at IBM Canada, brings extraordinary depth in both project and operational management to the team.  He has run successful multi-million dollar programs and brings this skill to drive GlitchTrax to its inevitable success

Bill Andreopoulos

Chief Financial Officer

Bill was recently the Vice President, Finance, of Novadaq which had an annual growth rate of 20 – 25% before it was sold to Stryker.   For GlitchTrax, he has established a solid framework to build out our financial plans and forecasts.

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