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Our technology draws upon big data – currently millions of car complaints and recall records.  (We’re building our consumer & medical products glitch database next.) We sift and analyze this data to answer your questions, identify meaningful patterns, and track down specific information you request.  

People should not pay the price of faulty products.

What We Offer

Our technology provides richer and more thorough results than what the NHTSA offers you online. Let us find and mine the data you need for your case.

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We Track Glitches

For now, we’re focused on vehicles. But the world is driven by software so we are building the global go-to for glitches. Faulty software has become an invisible killer in the 21st century.  Time to track it.

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Consumer & Medical Products

Though we’re starting first with car complaints, we have bigger plans.  We’re creating a consumer app that will capture even richer glitch information on multiple products – stay tuned!

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Glitch Reports

Our smart technology will be able to interpret millions of consumer complaints, not only to find patterns but to help you link to potential clients.  After all, consumers should not be the ones to pay the price of a glitch. 

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Consulting & Analytics

We provide additional consulting services, analysis, and data gathering from multiple global sources and we can pro-actively monitor certain issues on your behalf.  We’ll tailor our techniques and services to your needs.

Available Today: Car Complaints

The U.S. regulatory body, the NHTSA, limits searches to 250 records.  We don’t limit you.  Providing richer, more robust data than you are able to access online right now, we give you the full view with more details — including data fields that you can’t get from an NHTSA search.

Plus, we can run analytics and compare against years and makes and models, providing you the big picture quickly. 

We can also keep you updated as new complaints arrive.

Our founder has been featured in

GlitchTrax: Why

The world is driven by software and yet there are virtually no regulations about how to build safe software.

On the road: Research shows that software and electronics defects in vehicles have grown 30 percent a year in recent years.  In 2018, for example, software issues resulted in 8 million vehicles being recalled.  In the hospital: The #1 reason for medical device recalls is faulty software. At home: Software failures now put a family’s privacy and personal safety at risk.

The Process


Contact Us

Let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll confirm our understanding and quote a price.  Typical reports range from $500 to $1,000.



You pay 50% of the price, we run the reports and provide a sample of the results to confirm we’ve found what you need – plus we’ll sign an NDA with you if you wish.



We meet virtually (15 to 30 minutes) to review the reports. If you have further questions, we dig into them before we finalise the reports for you.  


Receive Final Reports

You pay the final 50%. We give you the full set of updated reports based on our discussion. If you have any questions, call or email us at your convenience.


We know that lawyers are at the forefront of protecting people from faulty products. We want to help.

Let us show you a demo of the kind of data we can get for you. We know you’ll be impressed.

Why Choose GlitchTrax

Top-Notch Technology

We’re building glitch tracking solutions for the 21st century.

Exceptional Team

We have a leadership team with world-class domain expertise!

Sensible Pricing

Our pricing aligns to the level of information you need.


We do not share your queries outside of our company and we’ll be happy to sign an NDA.

Solid Results

We produce impressive reports quickly.

We Care About People

We’re in this business because people matter.

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“What’s a glitch? A glitch is when a product does not behave as expected. We’re building ways to transparently track and monitor in-market product glitches.”

Patricia Herdman

Founder & CEO

OUR Team

Patricia 300x300

Patricia Herdman

Founder & CEO

An international software test expert and the author of “When Cars Decide to Kill“, Patricia founded GlitchTrax because she was startled to learn how deadly faulty car software can be and that there are no software safety laws.

Fernando Ferrer 400x400

Fernando Ferrer

Senior Data Architect

Fernando is a highly accomplished data engineer who has developed medical research data capture systems for renowned institutions such as Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Queen’s universities, among others.

Siamak 300x300

Siamak Ghofranian

Board Member, Predictive Analytics

Siamak is a member of the NASA Safety Center as well as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  He brings deep expertise in the field of predictive modelling to GlitchTrax.  

Evelyn 300x300

Evelyn Wainewright

Board Member, Data Scientist

Evelyn is a 2010 Garfield Weston Loran Scholar and holds an MSc. in Mathematics with published research in Quantum Cryptology.  She currently works as a Senior Data Scientist at a startup in the health care space.  


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We are powered by a team of people who knows the world needs a way to help all of us track what’s going wrong with the products we rely upon. For us, it’s a mission.

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