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GlitchTrax™ has a solid leadership team supported by a Board of Directors with exceptional experience.  We’ll announce our team in July — but here is our Board of Directors: 

Patricia Herdman GlitchTrax

Patricia Herdman, CEO & Founder

As an executive consultant, Patricia has been specializing in quality assurance and testing for over 25 years both in Europe and North America. Her depth and breadth of experience has led to significant quality improvements for multi-national companies in the telecom, financial services, retail, and resource industries.  She is the author of “When Cars Decide to Kill” and the upcoming book, “Spaghetti Software & Sausages.”

Siamak Ghofranian GlitchTrax

Siamak Ghofranian, Predictive Modeling

Siamak is a member of the NASA Engineering Safety Center loads & dynamics committee, a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Privately, he holds the patent for the SIMAC spacecraft docking system, which NASA has selected to use for future missions to the Space Station.

Evelyn Wainewright GlitchTrax

Evelyn Wainewright, Senior Data Scientist

Evelyn is a 2010 W. Garfield Weston Loran Scholar and holds an MSc in Mathematics with published research in Quantum Cryptography.
She has solid startup experience, having worked at a fintech startup on AI and Deep Learning techniques for big data in the finance space and at a crypto currency exchange in Toronto. She is currently working as a Senior Data Scientist at a startup in the health care space.


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