Your car is a computer on wheels

Your car is a computer on wheels with up to 100 million lines of software code.  When a software glitch happens, it can be deadly.

Cars and trucks are now routinely recalled due to software glitches and yet there are no software safety laws.  None.  While auto companies claim that car software saves lives, the fact is this:  the number of highway traffic deaths has increased significantly and software glitches have contributed to this carnage.

If your car careens out of control because of a software glitch, how can you prove it wasn’t your fault?  And how can regulatory agencies understand what went wrong if they can only rely on the car manufacturer’s word, unsubstantiated by third party verification?

One resource at your disposal is When Cars Decide to Kill. Our CEO & Co-Founder wrote this book to help you understand what you can do to protect yourself and how we can make car software safer.

Written by an international software test expert in a friendly, conversational tone, When Cars Decide to Kill guides you to understand what we need to do to get the attention of an industry that very much needs more scrutiny.

Stay safe.