Be smart about your smart home

Did you know that “smart homes” sometimes feel like the haunted houses of today?

People report that lights go on and off for no reason, doors unlock themselves in the night, furnaces shut down in the middle of winter and then mysteriously turn themselves back on….the list goes on.

Homes Easily Hacked

On a single day in October 2016, printers and other home devices were hacked en masse and infected with a malicious virus that brought much of the Internet down.  News outlets like CNN, Fox News, BBC, The Guardian and many others were affected. 

Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, and Netflix went down, some for hours.  Financial services such as Visa and Paypal were also down (and the list goes on and on, by the way). 

The hackers triggered refrigerators, printers, DVDs, and other things connected to the Internet to send hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of messages to those companies’ systems, overwhelming sites around the world.nt 

Your home is highly hackable when your devices have easy passwords.

What can you do?

Understand all of your devices and ask the sales people how to protect your home.  If you’re still not completely sure, go online and seek out further answers.  

SIMPLE THING:  Always put a complex password on anything and everything that uses your home WIFI.

Also, we’ve heard that the cheaper the product, the less likely it is that it has the necessary security features you need to keep you and your family safe.   To be smart about your smart home.

  1. Change the default password on everything you own!

  2. Read the terms and conditions of each product or at least save a copy of each software agreement to read later.

  3. Limit what needs (really needs) to be connected to the internet.

  4. Keep all your software updated at all times. Companies are constantly patching up security holes – be sure you have the most current version of software (which means you should have the most current security fix).

Stay safe.