Patricia Herdman

Glitching Democracy

When a voting machine interferes with election results, where are the consequences to that company? How can a citizen be confident that his or her vote counted for something, or was counted at all?

When MATH breaks the law

Algorithms have been proven to breach human rights regulations. How often is this happening and who suffers from it? Certainly not the companies (wittingly or unwittingly) breaking the law.

Cyber-attack is now a homicide investigation

Can we be certain that there aren’t more homicides resulting from cyber-attacks? Without effective monitoring systems in place, the answer is no.

A woman requiring immediate medical attention for an aneurism was turned away from the hospital emergency in Düsseldorf, Germany, and sent to another hospital, delaying her care by one hour. En route, she died.

Deadly warning buried on page 181

On page 181, Toyota notes that its cruise control feature can cause the car to change lanes, sway, swerve off the road . . . design feature or glitch?

Ghost Glitches – a technical term

You may not believe this, but a “ghost glitch” is actually a technical term of sorts. It means that there’s a problem that appears, disappears,